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Unwanted Weight Gain




Are you bloated, no matter how hard you try you just cannot seem to lose weight?


Do you have aches and pains, tired for no real reason, can’t concentrate, don’t sleep well anymore or just don’t feel good?


Most people think food-related allergic reactions are sudden and fast acting – such as peanut or shellfish allergies which can cause immediate inflammation (an IgE immune response), resulting in swelling or difficulty breathing and can be life-threatening.


On the other hand, foods, which can be part of our everyday diet can cause a far less acute allergic reaction, creating inflammation hours or even days later (an IgG immune response). Up to 60% of the population could be affected by hidden sensitivities to food. These are the allergies that are smoldering and insidious, causing many health issues for years because they go undetected. We test using IgG immune response.


The IgG test shows us what your body is actually fighting against.


So get on board to lose that weight, get feeling better, get energy, stop those joints from hurting and get on the road to a new life of feeling terrific. 

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