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About Us


         Dr. Crystal Mark was born in Illinois the youngest of seven children. The oldest, a boy, and the rest were all girls, to which her mother laughingly replies; “one boy was enough to keep me busy!.”  


        Dr. Crystal began her undergraduate education at Loyola University in Chicago. Dr. Crystal continued her education in Texas where she attended and graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas.  


        After graduating with her Doctorate in Chiropractic Dr. Crystal is one of The Woodlands Tx. Most sought after Favorite Chiropractors since 1998.

She remembers back when she was just starting out as a Chiropractor, many of her patients kept calling her “ My Favorite Chiropractor”.  One day a very special patient brought her a beautiful laminate door sign with a big red heart in the center of it. That sign read ”Dr. Crystal A. Mark My Favorite Chiropractor”, that original sign still hangs today.


        Dr. Crystal Mark started the running group “Woodlands Fit” and has run many marathons and a 50-mile race. She rescues dogs and calls herself “a foster failure,” since she permanently owns seven rescues.

Besides serving as a Chiropractor, Dr. Crystal has completed a Family Nurse Practitioner education to extend patient care to a higher level.


         Dr. Crystal’s strong family background, Integrity, the firm foundation of character, and a high level of education are what makes her unique. She states “when you combine both backgrounds of Chiropractic and Nursing the quality of care significantly improves.”


         Dr. Crystal Mark is a caring, nurturing, gentle and a compassionate care provider who invests time in patients. Dr. Crystal Mark  will treat you like family, take the time to educate you on prevention wellness. Dr. Crystal Mark says that when you care, treat each patient as a valued individual, respect their differences,  magnify their personal strengths and attributes patients will blossom into a whole new level of health.


         Dr. Crystal loves the work she does, and it shows.  Every patient is treated as an individual, meeting their unique circumstances and needs. By customizing treatment plans and creating a family of Chiropractic, Dr. Crystal has built and earned a multigenerational practice.


        Dr. Crystal’s patients range in ages from Pediatric Chiropractic to Geriatric Chiropractic. “Womb to tomb care” her youngest patient was four hours old, the oldest: one hundred and four!  The most valuable thing we have is our health. Dr. Crystal practices multiple Chiropractic Techniques and also is skilled in Spinal Decompression.


So, come and join her! Become part of the Chiropractic Family that many generations rely upon for outstanding Chiropractic Care. 

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