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As a patient at My Favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Crystal Mark has both a Chiropractic Degree and a Nursing Degree. The care you will receive is thorough, accurate and pain reducing.


If you are having complicated issues, we will invest the extra time to find the source, returning you to better health.  We work to educate our patients so they can maintain improved health for many years to come.


The body is made to heal itself without drugs, learning to manage the power of the body to stay healthy is key.


Our services include Acupuncture, Nutritional Testing, Spinal Decompression, Natural Bio-identical Hormone care and Nutrient Therapy and many others.


We are prepared to help, call us today to schedule an appointment (281) 292-0808. 



Her truly compassionate care, flexible scheduling and creating a treatment plan just for me saved me from having surgery.


- Joe Romanelli




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Chiropractic and Nurse Practitioner, combining both levels of training to deliver improved care quality.

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