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Food Alergy Testing - Nutritional Care


We utilize many tests to identify allergies and other problems


I. Allergy and Sensitivity Panels

Hytec Enzyme Immunoassay

The measurement of IgE and IgG antibodies can be identified by the Hytec Enzyme Immunoassay. Individual inhalant, food, and occupational allergens are available.

-Customized regional inhalant screens
-Mold panel
-Pediatric food screen
-Spice panel
-Basic food panel

Food Sensitivity Testing
-96 IgG Elisa food panel by serum
-184 IgG Elisa food panel by serum

The measurement of high levels of IgG antibodies to specific food antigens can identify foods that are contributing to various health conditions. IgA and IgM antibodies are also available from the same serum specimen.

Vegetarian 80 IgG Food Panel

Pediatric 80 IgG Food Panel

Kosher 90 IgG Food Panel

Food Sensitivity and Allergy Panel

Elisa 96 IgG food panel with 12 IgE Pediatric or Basic food panel


Gastrointestinal Panel (Includes Wellness Program)

Elisa 96 IgG food panel, Intestinal Flora Immunity Panel, Candida IgG, IgA and IgM, Candida Immune Complex and H-Pylori

Protein Sensitivity Panel
-IgG/IgA to Gliadin
-IgG/IgA to Gluten
-IgG/IgA to Casein
-IgG/IgA to Lactalbumin
-IgG/IgA to Ovalbumin
-IgG/IgA to Betalactoglobulin

Casein/Gluten Screen
(includes Casein/Gluten Free Wellness Plan)
-IgG/IgA to Gluten
-IgG/IgA to Casein

Celiac Disease Profile
-IgG/IgA to Gluten
-IgG/IgA to Gliadin
-IgA specific to Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG)
(specific to Endomysium) Antibody IgA


II. Candida Tests

Mild, chronic and polysystemic candidiasis can be positively diagnosed by the determination of high serum levels of IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies against Candida antigens. Test results include an interpretation and positive results are accompanied by a Yeast Free Diet.

Candida Immunoglobulin's
(Specific to C. albicans)

Candida Immune Complex
(Specific to C. albicans)

Candida Profile
-Candida Immunoglobulins

-Candida Immune Complex

III. Other Immunology Tests Available

Microflora Immune Competency Test

The comparative measurement of high serum levels of IgG and IgM to antibodies, against the purified antigens of three Gram- positive and two Gram- negative microbes plus Candida albicans.

-IgG to Candida and 5 Bacteria
-IgM to Candida and 5 Bacteria
-IgA to Candida

H. Pylori Antibody Test

The measurement of high levels of IgG and IgA antibody titers in some serum for H. pylori is an etiologically based diagnostic screen for gastritis and peptic ulcers.

-IgG to H. pylori

Quantitative Immunoglobulins (Immune Status)
-Total IgG
-Total IgM
-Total IgA




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